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Fundraising Network Status

Choose Public if you will be connecting with other organizations in the eGiftia Fundraising Network. Choose Private if you don't want to be included in the local eGiftia Fundraising Network.

Account Profile

If you don't have a website, you may enter your Facebook page or another social media page as an alternative.
6 Chars. Minimum. Letters and Numbers Only.
If you were referred by someone in the eGiftia Network, please enter their eGiftia username here. If you are unsure, you may leave the box blank. If you received a promotional flyer from an organization, you can find their username on the end of their Business Referral Sign-Up link, which looks like:

Business Details

Enter a short description about your business, like what products or services you sell or what you are known for.
This is the email you would like to display publicly on your profile and is optional.

Discount Offer

e.g. "Get 25% Off When You Purchase Two Dinner Entrees"
Enter the full details of your network offer here. Include any disclaimers, like "Valid Sunday Through Thursday", etc...
Enter the dollar amount of savings for your Discount Offer. If your offer is for a percentage off the purchase price, (e.g. Take 10% Off Your Next Purchase), then you can estimate the dollar savings value from an average purchase.
After The Discount Card Is Purchased

eGift Card (Optional)

You may optionally sell an eGift Card or Certificate across the eGiftia fundraising network and donate a percentage to the organization. An eGift Card allows you to deduct specific dollar amounts across multiple purchases like a physical gift card. A Certificate is for when you want to offer a specific item for a set dollar amount. Choose "None" if you do not wish to sell an eGift Card or Certificate.
Examples: "Oil Change & Tire Rotation", "Birthday Party Package", "Dinner For Two", etc...
This is the retail price of your product or service. This will be displayed during checkout with a strike-through line through the price. E.g. ($20).
This is the price of your product or service that the customer will actually pay. This will be displayed during checkout.
If you are selling an eGift Card, enter any restrictions you have on when or how customers can redeem their purchase. E.g. "Valid Sunday Through Thursday". If you are selling a Certificate, please indicate what their purchase includes and/or any restrictions you have on when or how customers can redeem their purchase.
This is the default percentage that you'd like to pay to the organization out of each sale that is made. (You can set a different percentage for each organization later on.) Note that as a Silver Plan member, a 7.5% eGiftia processing fee is also withheld from each sale, so make sure that you take that into consideration when deciding what percentage you would like to donate to organizations.

Receive Payments (Optional)

Enter the paypal email that you would like to use to receive payments from us.

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