eGiftia For Your Organization Fundraising The Easy Way

How Does The Digital Discount eGift Card Fundraising Program Work?


  • Your fundraising organization signs up for free and your custom website is instantly created for you.
  • Login to your admin panel and click on the Connect button to invite local business to participate.
  • If you don’t see all of the local businesses you would like to include… no problem, you can send them a pre-formatted email invitation directly from within the system. Still need help? We are happy to help!
  • Once you’re connected with at least 20 local business discount offers, you can launch your fundraiser.
  • Promote your Discount eGift Card fundraiser by sharing your website link via email and social media. You can also email of print and share your auto-generated promotional PDF.
  • You can receive email notifications every time a Discount eGift Card is sold, and you can view detailed reports within your admin panel. Plus, you’re paid weekly on all sales! Each offer can only be redeemed once. Local businesses simply press the redeem button.

Digital Discount Card Flyer View Discount Offer Sample

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What Is eGiftia & Why Is Perfect For Your Fundraising Organization?

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Selling eGift Cards online is the easiest way to allow your Supporters to purchase and promote your fundraising efforts. Plus, you are offering your Supporters products and services they actually enjoy and are purchasing anyway. 

From within the eGiftia system, Organizations simply click a button to connect with Local Businesses that are in their local area. Plus, you can invite new Local Businesses to join eGiftia and sell their eGift Cards by entering their business name and email address.

Organizations have the ability to make even more money than your eGift Card donated percentages. Organizations that focus on getting new Local Businesses to join the eGiftia Network with a Silver or Gold Plan Member also receive a monthly commission.


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