eGiftia For Your Organization Fundraising The Easy Way

How Does The Digital Discount eGift Card Fundraising Program Work?


  • Your fundraising organization signs up for free and your custom website is instantly created for you.
  • Login to your admin panel and click on the Connect button to invite local business to participate.
  • If you don’t see all of the local businesses you would like to include… no problem, you can send them a pre-formatted email invitation directly from within the system. Still need help? We are happy to help!
  • Once you’re connected with at least 20 local business discount offers, you can launch your fundraiser.
  • Promote your Discount eGift Card fundraiser by sharing your website link via email and social media. You can also email of print and share your auto-generated promotional PDF.
  • You can receive email notifications every time a Discount eGift Card is sold, and you can view detailed reports within your admin panel. Plus, you’re paid weekly on all sales! Each offer can only be redeemed once. Local businesses simply press the redeem button.

Digital Discount Card Flyer View Discount Offer Sample

Need More Info?

Fundraising Organization Website Fee

View Sample Fundraising Website

Fundraising Organization Websites are FREE and always will be!

Getting your Nonprofit or Fundraising Organization’s Social Fundraising Website up and running is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Signup Today For Free!

2. Send “Connection Requests” to Local Businesses within the eGiftia Social Fundraising Network, and their Discount Offer will be added to your website immediately after they Accept. Don’t see the Local Business you would like to include on your Digital Discount Card? Simply send them an email invitation from within the system to join the eGiftia Social Fundraising Network, and once they join, their Discount Offer will immediately be presented on your Social Fundraising Website.

(Bonus!!! When a Local Business signs up because of your eGiftia invitation email, and becomes a Silver or Gold Plan Member, your Nonprofit or Fundraising Organization automatically receives a monthly referral commission for the term of their active monthly membership!)

3. Email, print and share your automatically generated Promotional Flyer with your Supporters, and share your Social Fundraising Website utilizing the social share buttons...and encourage all of your Supporters to email, print and share it socially with their family and friends too.

Organization Promotional PDF Flyer

View Promotional Flyer Sample

Your Organization Promotional PDF Flyer is a powerful marketing tool you can immediately begin sharing with your Supporters. We also recommend sharing it with the Local Businesses you would like to sign-up and connect with so you can include their Discount Offer on your Digital Fundraising Card. (Plus, you will receive a monthly Referral Commission for every Local Business that signs up with a paid plan using your referral link!)

After you sign up your Organization for Free you will be sent a confirmation email from eGiftia. Once you login to your account you will see a few helpful reminders in the header of your account, including a direct link to your Fundraising Organization Website, your Organization Code, and your Organization Promotional PDF Flyer.

Your Promotional PDF Flyer is automatically designed to help you promote your Fundraising Organization Website. Your Flyer includes your Organization image/logo, your fundraiser name and address, your fundraising website address, your eGiftia Code, and your referral sign-up link for new Local Businesses. Click here to view a sample PDF Flyer

You Are Paid Weekly Via PayPal

Organizations must enter their PayPal email address to receive the funds for the weekly sale of your Digital Discount Cards, and payments. Organizations must enter a EIN/Tax Number before their donations exceed $600 to continue receiving weekly payments. 

Organization Referral Commissions

Your Organization is automatically enrolled in our Affiliate Program after you sign up and launched your fundraising website.

Your Organization will receive a commission month after month on the sales you generate, as long as each local business you sign up maintains a paid plan.

Your Organization will receive $20 per month for every Silver Plan, and $40 per month for every Gold Plan. 

Unlimited Local Business Connections

View Business Connect Feature

After you sign up your Organization you will be sent a confirmation email from eGiftia with your login information. Once you login to your account you will be able to click on the Connect button in the main menu. You will be presented with a map that is centered to your Organization address. From that center point, you can search for Local Businesses that are within 4, 8, 16 or 32 miles from your Organization.

Once you locate a Local Business you would like to Connect with, simply click the Connect button and they will immediately receive an email from eGiftia to confirm your request. Once they confirm your request, their Discount Offer will instantly be added to your Organization Fundraising Website.

If you know of a Local Business that you would like to connect with and you are not able to find them within the eGiftia Network, you can simply enter the Local Business Name and Email Address and eGiftia will send them a connection request from your Organization. Once the Local Business signs up, their Business Profile will be added to your Organization Fundraising Website and their Discount Offer will be added to your Digital Discount eGift Card. And if they sign up with a Silver or Gold Plan, your Organization will automatically receive a monthly commission from our Referral Program. 

Weekly New Local Business Sign-Up Email Notifications (Optional)

View New Business Notification Sample

We don't want you to miss out on any Local Businesses you would like to connect with, and we don't want you to miss out on adding more value to your Digital Discount eGift Card. So once per week you can receive an email from eGiftia to let you know how many new Organizations have signed up within the desired radius of your Organization.

You can view the Local Businesses you are currently connected to. You can view the Pending Local Businesses you have sent Connection Requests to, and confirm or deny Connection Requests sent to you from Local Businesses. You can also view Local Businesses you have not connected with or sent a request to connect with yet.

Email Discount eGift Cards As Gifts

View Gift & Future Send Features

Digital Discount eGift Cards can be emailed immediately or at a future date and time. Each Discount Offer can be redeemed on any smartphone, and a unique QR Code is generated for each transaction, which can be scanned to visit the Discount Offer redemption page.

eGiftia Social Share Buttons

View Facebook Share Sample

eGiftia has made it extremely easy for everyone to share your Digital Discount eGift Card offers on the most popular social media sites. Not only can your Discount Offers be shared, but the Fundraising Organization Website and Local Business Profiles can be shared as well. We are currently featuring Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest social share buttons.

Organization & Local Business Events

View Event Listing Sample

Events are the perfect way to promote your Organization. Events are presented on Organization's website in the left hand column. Events can be set for any length of time and they are a designed to sell more of your Digital Discount eGift Cards during the Event.

For Example: Let's say you choose to sell your Digital Discount eGift Card for $25, but during this special event you can reduce the price to $20.

You have the ability to create an Event for your Organization or with an individual Local Business you are connected to. Local Businesses you are connected to also have the ability to showcase their own Events. Local Business Events are presented on their profile page of your website. 

Remarket To Your Fundraiser Website Visitors

View Remarketing Code Fields

You can place retargeting pixels on your Fundraiser Organization website, which will allow you to remarket to everyone that has visited your website. This will allow you to run retargeting ads on Facebook and other remarketing platforms, and send your Supporters back to your fundraising website.

Admin Login, eGift Cards & Commissions Reporting

View eGift Card Sales Report Sample

Once you sign up your Organization you will be sent a confirmation email from eGiftia with your complete login information. Once you login you will be able to edit your fundraising website profile, connect with Local Businesses, and view your sales and referral commission reports. Our reporting is incredibly detailed and allows you to drill down to review the exact information your are looking for.

Discount eGift Card Purchase Notifications

View Sample Transaction Email

You can elect to receive email notifications every time someone purchases your Digital Discount eGift Card from your fundraising website.Email notifications include the name of the purchaser and the person they sent it to if they bought it as a gift. (You are also be able to view all sales reports within the Admin Panel.)