Easily Collect Info From Your Business Client Via A Questionnaire

Have you ever had trouble getting information from your client, like their Logo, Location Photos, their desired offer, or their Facebook authentication, etc...?

You just need them to be able to get you this information quickly and easily without requiring them to login to their account, or without having to do it all via a number of emails. 

Now you can now easily collect all the basic yet important data from them via the new questionnaire module.  Just create a new questionnaire and choose what data you want to collect.  The system will send an email to the client with a big green button prompting them to fill out the questionnaire.  They can fill out their Promotional Offer, their three Network Offers, upload their logo and photos for their gallery on their various public profile pages, their custom questions for their feedback survey, and authenticate their Facebook Page for posting reviews or for running Facebook Lead Ads. 

You can be notified when the questionnaire is submitted by adding your email to the Notifications module.  Account managers can view a collective list of all questionnaires from within their account, and can also set up notifications for when a questionnaire is submitted from within their Notifications module.

Kent Thompson
June 15, 2017