Bonus Expiration Date

Several exciting new features added today:
1. The system will automatically deduct the promotional value from an eGift card on its expiration date. Let's say you sell a $50 eGift card for $40. You can specify that the $10 in promotional value expires after so many days. On the expiration date, the system will deduct that amount from the eGift card balance. This encourages them to use the entire eGift card balance before the expiration date.
2. You can now set a bonus expiration date for Specials. This is different from eGift cards because they have to redeem one widget at a time vs deducting a balance, but this is helpful for a staff member to know whether to honor the "bonus" portion of the special, within the allotted timeframe.
3. You can now specify that the start date for a purchased special offer starts immediately or the next day. This is helpful if you are wanting to sell a special in your store with some type of promotional value added to it and want to make sure that the patron uses it on their next visit, starting the next day.
4.  You can now set a maximum amount allowed per redemption for Giveaway eGift Cards.  Let's say you run a contest and give away a $100 eGift Card as the prize.  You can specify that they can only spend $25 per visit, essentially requiring that they visit several times and hopefully spend more than the maximum amount each time.

Kent Thompson
June 14, 2017